new coralife 125 super skimmer not forming foam

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Oct 15, 2006
Nashville TN
Well my new (and first) skimmer arived yesterday, so I put it together (I think I did it right? lol) and hooked it up. the instructions said that it takes 24-72 hours to "get used" to the system. now I understand it has hardly been 24 hours but its not makeing any foam or collecting waste. now this is my first skimmer so I dont really know how they are "supposed" to work, plus the "in tank" pieces are huge in the 29gall lol but yes, is their any reason other than my impatiance that it is not working yet? I hope that makes a little sence :oops: I have had a long day so if it makes no sence what-so-ever let me know and I will try and re-frase that :?
thanks a ton!
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