new female dwarf gourami

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Jun 4, 2018
So yesterday was a great day. During my lunch break I decided to stop by my lfs and came across this little gal. The stores around here never have female gouramis but my lfs decided to get an assorted batch this time. I had to grab her up. I'm so excited! I just might try and mate her. Sorry for the crappy picture.

since I have never bred gouramis I'm wondering if someone could help me out.This female is a Trichogaster lalius but I'm wondering if it can be bred with something like a Trichogaster chuna. I have a male lalius to breed her with but I'm wondering if I could get a unique offspring breeding the 2 species or if it's even possible.

It's not likely that the two species will interbreed. Separate species are defined by their ability to reproduce within the species and not between. It is possible,though, as weird things happen with animals in captivity. But I doubt it.
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