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Apr 19, 2004
Hello all, been gone for long time. Very busy. Unfortnately 3 of four of my fish died in a 2 month span. All levels in acceptable levels. So I will try this again with different fish.

Tank is 65 gal., emperor 400 filter, super modified sea clone skimmer, 800 gph in power heads, 30 lbs live rock (I know I need more) ($$$$$)


Bi-color Angel
Coral Beauty
Clown Fish
Ruby Head Wrasse
Yellow Watchman Goby
Yellow Tang (last fish if enough room)

Inverts (I had none before because of fish, so please let me know if this is enough)
Pistol Shrimp for Goby Friend
(5) Peppermint Shrimp
(10) Blue legged Hermits
(10) Astrea Snails
(5) Turbo Grazers

PLease let me know if I am setting myself up for failure with this or not
I'd do 1 Peppermint and 2 Skunk Cleaners for the shrimp. Way more personality for your tank.

I come up with about 25" of fish in your list. Two Angels in a 65 might give you problems but I don't have personal experience with them since I chose to go Reef. If you cut out one of the angels you would get back down to 20 or so and that's probably a good number (a little higher than the inch per 5g recommended), but most of them are small fish.

Good luck with the next round of fish.
Also remember that tangs like to have at least 6 feet of swimming room when fully grown... probably not a perminant member of your list is the Yellow Tang... cut down to one angelfish as Phyl suggested.
I think that is too many peppermint shrimp. I would follow Phyl's adivce. Turbo Grazers... are those snails? If they are I would say go with 10 Tubro snails and 5 of the astrea.
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