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Jun 19, 2002
Keystone Hts., Florida
I placed a Maroon Clown in my tank yesterday. It was gasping for awhile and that stopped. This morning it is staying right at the top. Refused food yesterday. Haven't tried to feed yet today. Anything I can do for this little guy :cry:
Gasping and staying toward the surface is usually a sign of low oxygen levels. The oxygen levels will be higher toward the surface.

What are your ammonia levels?

Do you have water movement breaking up the surface of the water producing ripples on the surface?

Is your tank covered by a glass top? If so I would remove the glass top as they have a tendancy to greatly reduce the gas exchange in my option.
My new Maroon Clown seems to be doing some better now. :) It is not gasping for air and is not at the surface. Staying about 5" below surface. Not swimming around much or eating, but I'm hoping he will improve more. Checked and have zero amonia level. The new Coral Beauty seems to be doing good. Swimming all around the tank, not taking food yet. Will try to feed them again this evening. Can you tell I'm a new mommy :lol:
BTW, opened the glass top as you suggested. Thanks.
How did you acclomate the maroon when you introduced it to the tank?

Dont be to worried about them not eating. Often times it takes days before they will eat after beign transported and placed in a new tank.

If they dont eat after a week or so thats when I would start being concerned. Remember any uneaten food should be removed as best as possible as that will decay into ammonia if left.

Feed sparingly till you see them eating that should help reduce the water contamination.
I acclimated in the following way...

Checked SG (was very close) and then placed fish (in bag) in tall container. Over a period of time (approx 1 1/2 hrs.) removed about 1/2c of water at a time and replaced with my tank water. Then placed in my tank. Again, I want to thank you. :)

BTW, I want to add this site 8) as a link on my web page. OK?
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