New Frogspawn not opening up

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Mar 14, 2015
Good evening fellow Aquarists,

I purchased this frogspawn 5 days ago and I'm starting to get a little worried because it has not yet completely opened up yet like it was at the store. I tested my water 3 days ago and everything was great nitrates, nitrites and ammonia all at 0. Salinity at 1.025. pH 8.1 if I remember correctly. Haven't been able to test calcium or alkalinity though. Could an imbalance in calcium or alkalinity be causing this?

I have this places real close to the top of the 5 gallon Fluval Evo which is supposed to have good enough LEDs to support LPS corals. The water return is on the other side of the tank but pointed directly at the coral, I've tried pointing it away to see if it needed less flow but with no avail.

Any thoughts?

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You don't want to beat it up with direct flow. You need more of a chaotic flow or indirect flow. I have both end returns pointed at each other to create a chaotic flow which is what you see in nature. As far as the coral I have seen some of my corals take as much as two weeks to get fully acclimated and fully extended. Not familiar with that lighting system. One thing I would try is some frequent PWC`s. There could be something in the water that you are not testing for. Hope all works out.
Honestly it looks fine to me. Sometimes corals can take a long time to readjust. As long as it is not receding or anything it seems fine. I'd just give it more time and don't change things. It definitely doesn't want to be blasted. Both my frogs are on my sand in low flow and are huge.

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Welp, Frogspawn just perished today. No idea why yet. Test my params and all is well, Nitrates were about 5-10 ppm but I don't think this alone would kill the coral... I was only able to test the 4 basics and salinity. What other tests should I purchase tomorrow? (Calcium, alkalinity, etc.)

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