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Nov 12, 2011
Hi all,

I'm from the caribbean, I been in to fresh water acuariums since I was a kid, I started again 3 years ago with a planted acuarium for my first born girl, seven month ago I started a 40 breeder reef tank an I been hook ever since. I have 3 fresh water planted acuariums an 75g which I sold, a 46 bow front and a 10gl. with snails and shrimp.

Here's a pic of my 40B Reef Tank


Later on I will open a new thread with more info and pics on my tank.
helllo! welcome to AA, we hope u enjoy yourself here :)

looks like ur all set with the SW info... maybe you can help others and fully join the community! your tank is beautiful and wondefully healthy! xx
Welcome Raylost. Also from pr but from guaynabo good to see someone else on the island on the forums.
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