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Jan 13, 2009
Hello, i recently bought an aquarium and have begun stocking it with a few fish. Before I bought this however I had purchased a betta fish that sat on my desk. Ive since recently moved him to the aquarium where he appears much happier--that is if I shut off the filter system. He seems to struggle with it on a bit and there is quite a bit of current running throught the tank. I have been searching for DIY ideas on how to reduce the flow on this filter as I am a college student and spending money is a luxury. I dont want to purchase a new adjustable filter and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. I could be mistaken about my betta not enjoyiong the current but I have read that they are not strong swimmers and do not prefer strong currents. Im currently using an aqua-tech power filter 5-15 model in a 10 gallon tank.
I'd rather see you find a way to divert the water coming back into the aquarium instead of restricting the intake flow.

I've seen people take a sponge or piece of PVC cut in half and attach it to the outflow. The goal being to distribute the return more horizontally instead of a str8 down flow.
thanks for the ideas. i used a small combination of both, but the main fix came with inserting some foam on the outside of the outflow. I then took a plastic cup and cut it to fit in my tank and around the output intrance, with the submerged part of the cup having holes drilled in it, thus distributing the outflow and eliminating almost all current created from the outflow. Ill upload pics later as this explanation can be a bit confusing.
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