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Feb 14, 2024
United States
Hey guys thank for having me, I have been around aquariums and the hobby since I was younger some of my best memories are of me as a kid watching the fish in my dads tanks as I would fall asleep as a kid. As an adult I found myself drawn back to the hobby, it all started when a family member gifted a Betta to my son for his birthday and from there the allure to fish was reignited in me. Since then I have gotten myself an axolotl that I really enjoy, when I don't have anything to do I could literally watch him all day.
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Welcome aboard

Welcome aboard, I am a newbie to the board as well. It is fascinating to see how much there is to learn from the days of watching our parents keeping fish. Looking forward to hearing about your jourmey. By the way, you do know that it doesn't end with an axolotl, right? :lol:
New here

Hello peps new to the hobby have a 125 gallon aquarium freshwater set with cichlids love the content to read and learn on this name is Jamie again thanks for having me join
African cichlids mbuna 2 frontosa 2 bosmani rainbow shark and just put a starry night in love it
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