New Lettuce Nudibranch!

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Oct 27, 2002
North Carolina
Here he is, I ordered him 2 weeks ago, and he finally came in! Yipee!

Check out my awesome shot, with my pepermint shrimp chilling in his nook in the background. This one might go into the next photo contest
Wow he's pretty cool looking, I remember seeing a purple and yellow one when we were first getting into this. :D Never did find out what's it's diet was.
Well I'm no expert on nudi's but from what I've read some will die of starvation after a while. Not sure on the lettuce nudi being that it eats algae. They are beautiful creatures, I saw a documentary on some that were out in the wild, amazing some even eat each other, beautifully colored and amazing to watch.:)
Does a lettuce Nudi need a light of light to grow? Because they need the sugars? I am not sure , but thought I read that some where.

They will receive nutrition through consuming algaes as well as sustained zooxanthellae in their tissues. You can read a small article >>here<<

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