New Life Forms, help please! (5 pics)

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Oct 30, 2004
I have a few things that have come on my order and after looking over the HHFaq, I'm not sure what they are. I'm hoping maybe someone here could help me.

The first one here originally looked like an old dead shell covered with coraline but it is alive! I'm thinking oyster? clam? It is the size of my thumb and forefinger if I make a hand puppet mouth out of my hand (LOL, I hope that makes sense). What does it eat and how do I feed it? I wasn't prepared for this and I don't want it to die! It is currently facing the back of the tank with the seam/hinge side closest to the front of the tank. You are looking at the hinge side:


This second specimen looks to me like an aiptasia (thoughts on this? How evil are these things? I hate to kill anything...):


Here are a few more that I'm curious about:




Thanks for your feedback!
Turkey wing clam
rock anemone, possibly apstasia.
cluster tunicate
? sponge maybe?
last pic is a tube coral. Cladocora sp.
I agree. The clam and spongesare filter feeders. I suggest DT's live plankton for them. The others may be able to grab food at dinner time. WHat do you currently feed the tank?
I got a couple of the clams on my LR and they seem to be doing fine on the regular frozen I feed the fish. Been in there since July and are still alive.
The anemone is supposed to be a pest anemone, I have a couple of them too and they have yet to multiply. The few glass anemones have been taken care of by my my peppermint shrimp. Its you call, most say get rid of it, but mine have yet to bother anything.
Thanks for the IDs. I really appreciate it. As for feeding... um... the tank was empty (unless you count the decaying shrimp for cycling) so there was no need for food before now! I need to run out and pick up some calcium (iodide? and carbonate alkalinity? as per the recommendations that came from for the LR). What kind of food would you recommend? QS What kind of frozen food do you feed? and what are good levels for alk, calc & iodide? Lando What is "DT" and where would I find it?

Thanks a million gang!
Dt's is live phytoplankton dsigned for filter feeders. It is the best filter-feeding food I have found. You can find it at some LFS. It needs to be refrigerated so keep that in mind. Her is the link:

Good Luck...Lando
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