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Sep 11, 2010
Hey gus recently found this site and some good info when i was doing some research for a new setup i might be doing. I currently have a 38g malawi setup at home, i have 3 electric yellows, 3 blue peacocks, 2 figure puffers and a pint size pleco that i forgot what type he is. I also maintain a 55g at work that has 4 i want to say blue gouramis, 1 red neon gourmi and about a dozen assorted guppies(hate these little guys).

I've always wanted to keep a salt water tank for some years now, but right now theres just to much money involvec for me, however i might be upgrading my 38g tank to a 110g tank in the near future.

I've been keeping fish for about a year and always thought it was great to watch them go about there business ever sense i was little and my parents had a tank.

I hope to gaina lots of info here so that i can keep my fish happy and healthy, not to sure how much i'll be able contribute at the moment but i sure will try.

Thx big'better
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