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Sep 16, 2016
Hi, I'm just a newbie fish keeper so would be good to get advice on what to add to my 120 litre tank. I've currently got 7 neon tetras, 1 blue gourami, 1 pearl gourami whom I think is female? Would like an opinion on this if I post a photo, 5 harlequin rasboras and 2 electric blue rams. Would also like to get an algae eater at some point. So what do you think peeps?


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Hi, welcome to the forum :)
I'm just down the road from you Dumfries and Galloway ?

70 gallon elephant nose tank.
30 gallon boraras , red longfin bristlenose, bamboo shrimp, crs,rcs and different snails.
7 gallon halfmoon betta and red ramshorn.
Thank you for your welcome. Yes that's not far away from me, and that sound like a fantastic setup you have and three of them, the halfmoon bettas are beautiful. Well I'm just a novice, but interested to learn more. ☺
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