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Aug 28, 2022
Hello, I'm Mars. I have a couple of tanks.

Right now, I only have my 55 and 10 gallon running, and I'm just beginning to stock in with fish.

I haven't been into the hobby for years, I stopped after too many dead fish, it just broke my heart. I know you lose some in this hobby, but I hate it.

In my 10 gallon I have a female Betta, and 2 Guppies, plus 2 snails.

In my 55 gallon. I have 6 corys and 4 Kuhli Loaches. I love those little things!

I was thinking of getting some tiger barbs, platies, neon tetra, and maybe red tail shark or rainbow shark. With some otos and maybe a bristlenose Pleco.

I also want some clown loach. But this wouldn't be their permanent tank. I have a 150 or 200 gallon tank for them later, when they get bigger. I just don't want to put either large tank up right at the moment. Not when I don't need to right now.

So, what are all the new tips and tricks that I missed out on while I was away from the hobby?

Thank you!!

And It is so nice to join!!
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