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Aug 20, 2017
Hi everyone! Im new to this site so introducing myself. I had a 25 gal FW tank when i was younger but was not totally sure what i was doing with. Now i just got my 30 gal FW tank up and running. I have already done my fishless cycle and introduced fish into the tank. Right now i just have 5 assorted danios that i used for starter fish. I recently added a albino rainbow shark who is the biggest fish of the tank for now. Once i get a canister filter up and running a buddy is going to be giving me one of his cichlids. Here to learn how to keep a good tank running and learn more about the fish world. Any tips or words of advice are much appreciated! P.s. typed on my 20170826_044155.jpgphone so sorry for any typos.
Thank you! For now im trying to figure out how i want ny tank layout. I have some marble that im going to make some caves with.
Welcome! Looks like you're off to a good start
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Yeah looks nice! Do you have any live plants? Also keep in mind once you add a cichlid you will be getting yourself into an "all species tank" it will be virtually impossible to make a community tank with cichlids present! Let me know how the progress goes!! :)
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