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Nov 3, 2008
Hamilton, Ohio
Ive had this tank running for about 3 months now, and i cant stop buying things for it!


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happens to me exacly the same...going everyday to the store to see if there was something to buy....but then I got Fired...;)
Wow, beautiful tank! Sometimes I really love the look of freshwater tanks because of how you can aquascape it. Great job!!
Thanks for the complament. I am already itching to get a bigger tank! I guess thats why the Moderators on this site talk religously about buying the biggest tank you can afford.
exacly...bigger and only stops when you got a tank!
But your doing a very good job keep up!
Sorry about my english. Learn it at school. I'm portuguese by the way!
I feel the same, about a year ago my husband got me goldfish for my 29th birthday. The only thing we had was a tank no equipment. It felt like every weekend we would drive up to our pet store. Lol I became recognized by the staff. I finally got to the stage were I feel like I have everything. My husband & my mother in-law used to drive me crazy always telling me "I'm going to care for them to death." I just feel like they didn't understand that fish keeping needs slit of care just like cats or dogs but I understood them because for weeks in the beginning, all my attention went to them. I went from pebbles to river rocks to sand because one of the pebbles got stuck in one of the goldfish mouth. I panicked because I didn't experience that before. I did more research and found. They naturally sift the sandy bottom. I absolutely love the sand and I do not regret using it. :fish2::fish2:
For me its the biggest I have room for. I got rid of furniture to get my 60! Now I’m trying to find a spot for my new 75! I really wish I could go bigger...
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