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Aug 8, 2015
Hey Everyone,

So let me get this out of the way by saying that I am woefully new to aquarium keeping. My fiance and I decided we would like to have a small tropical fish aquarium to our home recently (read as two weeks ago) and things are starting our fairly well!

That being said the internet was the most useful tool I had in accomplishing getting started I've read from this site a bit and I decided to partake in the discussion and maybe learn some points from you fine people.

My tank is smallish it's only 13 gallons, set up as a tropical community aquarium. At the moment it only has two inhabitants both Dwarf Gouarmi which I've hard for about a week plus at the time of this post (both males from the same tank at the PetSmart we bought them from) They seem to be getting along and have divided the tank in two. The tank is NOT planted, it has fabricated plants and rocks.

For the future I am interested in moving to a bigger tank eventually and trying my hand at a planted aquarium but I figured that the more controlled I could be with the environment the better it would be, maybe I'm wrong in that but it's been a learning process so far!

Other then aquariums I work for a company that assists funeral homes with networking across the US and Canada and I am an avid gamer, hiker and runner.

Can't wait to meet you all, thanks for having me!
Welcome to AA glad to have you , you should be able to find answers to any of your questions , we have lots of people that have the knowledge to get you going in the right direction , we all started small than one day bam we went big than bigger than even bigger than comes the multiple tank syndrome :D feel free to brows all of the forums and ask as many questions you may have ,
look forward to seeing you on the forums
Glad that you've joined! Like others have already mentioned before, sufficient knowledge at AA who are willing to help you out...
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