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Jul 6, 2024
Hi! I’m new to aquariums and six months ago got a tiny one for my grandchildren who stay with me every weekday.

The whole set up was purchased at PetSmart. I’m curious about the artificial coral and anemones. They have a stickiness to them. When I clean them, the stickiness gets on my fingers and doesn’t wash off. Any thoughts on the cause?

Thanks! I’ve enjoyed reading through the posts and learning.
If the items are sticky vs actually able to be reshaped, the plastizol or silicone in them is either decaying or not fully cured and should not be put into the aquarium. They may not have been cured long enough. If they are soft enough to be reshaped, they are decomposing and should not be put into the aquarium. I would take them back to where you got them and get something different as decorations. such as plastic plants or rocks that are safe for freshwater aquariums.
Hope this helps. (y)
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