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Dec 15, 2005
I just got my new Coralife pur flo R/O unit today. I hooked it up per the instructions. How much flow should i get out of the blue good water tube? My water pressure here is not very good. But this thing only runs at a fast drip. And the red waste line is a small steady stream. And my water is very cold here also.
Sounds right. Some people run the waste water into their washing machine etc. I run mine into the swimming pool. Helps keeps the water cool in the summer.
Yep, fast drip or trickle is normal. this is why I got the one with a holding tank. you can add a holding tank to yours. that way you have 2.5 gal "on tap" and will only slow to a trickle if you use that up. Some people have big trash cans with float switches which they keep full to have even more on tap.
Well thanks for the info. And Sango my RO unit is a 24gpd. My wife has run this thing all day long and we have maybe got 7gal in about 12 hours. I may invest in a pump unit, my water pressure here is real low.
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