New Skimmer...Overkill?

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Apr 19, 2003
Beacon, New York
I have a 55gal reef, with a 10 gal sump, and 10gal fuge. I have 120+lbs of LR distributed between them, and 3-4" of LS. In then tank, along with various corals, snails, crabs, and nudis, I have a 2' long Eel, a Harlequin TuskFish, and a Purple Tang. I currently have a CPR BackPack II skimmer in my fuge. I want to upgrade it this summer with an Aqua-C EV series Skimmer. Do you think an EV 180 with a Mag7 pump would be too much for my tank, or should I go wiht the EV 120 with a Mag5?
Kool, so i think im going to go with the 180, unless i dont have the room for it. I did the measurements and its kind of cramped under there. Do you know how much room is need on the the top of the skimmer to remove the collection cup for cleaning? Like with my CPR, i have to raise the cup 3" before it clears the mixing chamber and i can get it out. Also, I dont remember...Is the Mag7 a pump that i can plumb outside of the sump, or does it need to be submurged?
Not sure on the room, but with sump skimmers it's usually a couple of inches at most.

Mag 7 can be plumbed outside the tank, but imo they are more reliable inside.
I would go with the 180 as well since you can upgrade to a larger tank with it!!
I ordered the EV-180 and a Mag 7 today. I cant wait till i get them in, so i can set it up. It has to make some sort of difference with my Bio-load, considering I am going from a skimmer that is rated for tanks up to about 60gal, to a skimmer rated for 200gal :D . Plus its going to get plumbed in differently too, It will get water directly from my sump instead of skimming the water from my fuge. :mrgreen:
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