New Tank up and Running! Got Pic!

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Yep, drinking some bud light and setting up the fish tank, two of my favorite pasttimes! 8)

Awesome setup!
Just one more pics to help show it off, and yes the Bud Light is the king of BEERS! MMM Good :lol:
Looks great!! What lights did you decide on ?

Havent got lights for it yet just a dual stripe light with 2 50/50's on there now that i picked up from a friend for free. To be honest im still debating on the lighting...Havent decided yet, except i wanna go cheap. If i could do a MH system DIY for cheap i would considering i cannot get the ballasts for the T5's although im not sure what i could use as a ballast for the MH either. Any suggestions?
What's your budget? That will really make a difference on what to suggest.

Too be honest im not sure what my budget will be but hopefully around in the $100 dollar area. IM thinking either DIY or another means, any suggestions on where i can get good ballasts etc for DIY?
Is your tank wood trim finish or did you add the wood to the tank corners and top/bottom?

I really like the way that looks :D

:lol: My laptop monitor is getting fuzzily bad and the picture of your overflow made my eyes hurt trying to figure out what I was looking at. :lol:
Ya it took a little bit of work on the plumbing, the drains consist of 2- 1 1/4" Thin wall PVC and return is 3/4" The return is pushing around 1000-1100 GPH. I hope the RIO holds up as well i have had good luck with RIO's so im not too worried but you know how that goes (knock on wood). I was going to go with a Mag Drive but too spendy for my budget. The top and bottom of the trim is the actual tank trim, corner pieces i made those myself.
gooyferret said:
If you drive up here to pick it up and pay for it ill build you one if you want.

Nah, I wasn't serious.. don't have a tank that warrents it yet, anyways.
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