New tank wall in progress

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If you could a ventilation fan for the room would be a good addition for such an ambitious project

Looking good you obviously have some game
if that's your bedroom, to clean things up do what I did, make a fake wall and put the tank behind the wall and frame it, then it looks like a flush picture. add a few feet behind the tank so you can walk in with a small door on the side.
since your already building the tank stand with lumber, just move it 2 feet from wall, that gives you your access behind. I did that with 3 tanks, then gutted the whole thing and rebuilt the wall and put 150gal in. i'd do bigger but that's all I could fit down my stairs, lol.

just a thought, since your building from scratch anyway. look forward to seeing the finished product, always looking for new DIY ideas.
Plexiglass will sag and eventually fall into the tank.
Use the Petco dollar per gallon sale to get tanks that you can cut apart and make glass lids from for a fraction of the cost of just the glass from a glass shop...One 20g should yield three lids for $20..Can't beat that IMO...
I run a dehumidifier in my fish room but have 51 tanks going all open top...
Humidity is the name of the game and dealing with it is not an option over time...
Nice build and use of space.(y)
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