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Dec 23, 2014
Mississippi, USA
My name is Trey. I started a 55 gallon reef tank about 25 days ago. Equipment is in my profile. I have added 1- photon clownfish, 1- da vinci grade b clownfish, 1- starry blenny, 1- wheeler watchman goby w/ pistol shrimp, and 1- juvenile blonde naso tang. I have live rock and sand in the aquarium with a few ricordeas, finger leather, and toadstool corals. I actually just purchased a 150 gallon with sump that I am going to set up soon. I actually would like input on fowlr or reef for the 150 and then what to do with the 55 gallon. I love the fish and I love to spend time looking at them, getting them used to me, and just planning on more things to make it awesome.
Welcome to the forum!

I took a look at you pic. You tang looks alittle thin (but I have a yellow tang, and he was a stick when I started with him). I would use caution with those Sponge Bob decorations, I had a Pineapple in my old 37 gallon, and it started leaching paint.

I would definitely recommend you put your Naso in the bigger tank (tangs like a lot of room), and for a 150, if you don't have some high power lights, a FOWLR is great, and you can always upgrade to a reef later.

I'll watch your career with great interest!

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