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Aug 19, 2013
Oxford, N.J.

I am new to this forum and have been keeping my aquarium/s for roughly 4 months.

In that time I have learned hard lessons about where to buy fish, how to set up a tank and all that good stuff.

When my boyfriend and I got out first two fish, Zombie and Widget, calico fantails from Walmart, we knew nothing. We set up a 3 gallon tank and let them go. Needless to say, Widget died.

We have lost a few fish (some due to parasites), others because we just plain didn't know about cycling.

Zombie is the sole survivor of our cycle tank and we have since then added some new healthy fish, after the tanks have been properly cycled.

I am still needing some help when it comes to my fish and I am hoping to find just that here with out feeling like I am being attacked. I am open to any and all advice I can get and am always researching what my fish need!

My goldfish get fed 5 different foods (not all in the same day) including pellets and fresh veggies (i.e. peas). My Betta are just as spoiled with 3 different types of food.

My fish are not my hobby, they are my pets, and every single one has a name and for sure has their own personality.
Welcome.... I'm new too. My hubby and I have bettas -'Ghost' and 'the fish that shall not be named'. I've found bettas are easy to care for, unlike the 30 gal we have now. Just starting out with it though. :)

Glad to see a new face here!

Hopefully you can get all the advice you need here, sometimes goldfish can be a sore subject, as you probably already know, but it sounds like you are trying your best to do what's right for them and I commend you for that!
Good luck with your new hobby!
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