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Aug 3, 2016
North Dakota
New to the forum today - not to fishkeeping. I have had a freshwater tank of some size most of my life - over 30 years worth. Started with a 10, graduated to a 20 hex (free) once married, then located a used 29. That is all I had for many years until stumbling upon a used 55 a few years ago that really renewed my love of tropical fish. It wasn't long after that and someone gave one of my kids a 20H. To make a long story short I recently upgraded to a 72 bow and also have a 20 H, 20 L, 15, 10 and 5.5 isolation tank. I have the old hex in storage begging to be brought out. (if I could figure out how to build a new top) I live in a rural area in a rural state with little options so am limited to what I have. Nearest store with fish is almost 100 miles. I do have a local walmart but no live fish but at least a few supplies.

I don't know of anyone local with freshwater tanks, only 2 with salt water.

I still consider myself a novice and would like to have some books recommended to me as I have none.

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