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Jan 23, 2012
I have experience from freshwater and I have been doing a lot of research when I can. I have a 75 gallon to use, I didnt even start setting it up until I get prices for the fish I want after getting notes for each of them and how to care for them and some hard coral i want to use. I'm also trying to find the compatibility for the fish as well. From what I have found its off to a good start. These are my fish I want: reidi black seahorse 2 pair, yellow bannded pipefish, flame angel, 2 skunk cleaner shrimp. Does this seem like its a good start? This all I really wanted, not adding anything else but hard coral like tonga fusion and branches
The angel wouldn't go well with the pipe fish and sea horses they require a more species only tank (the pipe fish and sea horses that is)
What kind of filter or protein skimmer would be best for them? I hear I could possibly make my own...
Angels don't do well in reef tanks either for the most part. There are some exceptions, but I won't count on it.

Lok at HOB skimmers or consider a sump and an overflow box. Then you can put a skimmer, heater, more rock, and even macro algaes for more filtration in it.
I thought u said u wanted firefish with them? I kinda knew the angels were a bad idea... and the skimmer u shuldnt be too worried about right now. Worry about how ur gonna keep our hard city water soft enough to sustain the horses. That'd be my first focus.
I did but I guess I need to focus more on what exact supplies I would need. You already told me about the firefish lol so i asked another question. So Skimmer is out right now, How do I keep the water soft enough not to croak my seaponies?
I'm going to suggest the same site carey told me about. pick urself up an ro/di unit. Its going to make a world of a difference. Then you might need to add water softener pillows to your sump or fuge. Probably better in the sump. But test the water before. You never know that rodi unit might make it soft enough too. I'm not really good on seaponies. That $120 skimmer we sell should be more than powerful enough to run a 75 gal tho. U need to think about lighting too.
I remember the lighting you said, 6 bulbs, three bright three blue, no more then 15,000 watts
You don't want to use an air pump in saltwater; it just make a mess sending salt creep everywhere. If you use RODI water, your source water will start off with zero hardness. I've never heard of anyone using something to soften saltwater.

With seahorses and pipefish, you pretty much only want to keep other small and slow moving species that won't out compete them.
FerretCareGiver06 said:
I remember the lighting you said, 6 bulbs, three bright three blue, no more then 15,000 watts

I think he probably meant 15000k which is a color temperature. 15000 watts would be a ginormous amount of energy. Unless you're planning on corals also, you don't need that much light.
I really do appreciate all the help, even if some questions are stupid, I read what can and listen to what others can advise me. It being my first saltwater and doin something as moderate as seahorses, I want to be on the safest side I can. Any tips and tricks you can tell me will be put to good use and written down for notes to read
The only stupid question is the one you don't ask! I asked all sorts of newbie questions, and it turns out that every expert in here had the same questions at one point! Welcome to the salty club! It's addictive.
Though by no means am I an expert, I gotta say, I wouldn't recommend seahorses for a beginner. My understanding is that they are far more demanding than the average saltwater fish. I'd give yourself some time to get the hang of the whole SW thing before trying seahorses, but that's just me!
I intend to have a seahorse tank someday, but I'm giving myself lots of time first.
Yea and after doing some research for you I found that a 75 gallon is prob to big to do seahorses in as they mainly eat mysis and pod foods. In a large tank it might be hard for them to find enough food to stay nurished. Best size Is a 30-50 gallon from what I'm reading. Id trade ya but I'm atm fillin my 55. Lol
Awww but the seaponies!! Darn, alright. Would it be best to buy a bio cube or build it up piece by piece?
i believe corals would be harder for me to do then seahorses, and its more expensive. Back to the drawing board and see what kind of fish are out there and available
The 55 would def be better than the 75. My suggestion. Do the 55 or 75 as a fish only w/ live rock to start. U can always go reef down the road. I did my 25 fowlr for almost a yr before I went reef.
There are some great articles out there on how to set up a seahorse tank. Google it and take a couple hours to read up on different setups and suggestions.
One thing I've read in several places is to beware of corals in a seahorse tank because the horses will try to anchor on them and can get stung pretty badly. The recommendation seems to be macroalgae or fake plants/corals.
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