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Jul 27, 2015
Hey there my name is Betsy I started my journey with saltwater with a friend's help. It went well for a couple years and I gave up on it due to major issue in life at the time.

I've tried again and it was just too much for me. I'm now an owner of a fresh water tank and going well. Ive had it for almost 10 months. Ive had live births and saved 1 and some others have died. I have no idea what brand tank I got and the bulb I'm assuming is burnt out. It didn't come out so easy I unscrewed and unplugged what the bulb was attached to. Do I need to replace the whole assembly? The bulb would not release? ! Any help would be appreciated I was thinking of taking it in somewhere.
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welcome to AA
if you can post a pict of your light and I'm sure we can help you figure it out
just guessing here since there's no pict
It most likely is a T-5 or a T-8 florescent bulb they have two pin like ends that slide into a slot than turned 1/2 way to lock it in
you would need to do it in reverse turn it 1/2 way then gently pull it out of the slots
hope that helps
How can I post a pic it's not like the 2 ends that you normally see it's connected to 2 mounting bracket type things. ? Thank you for your replies im ready to give up:(
Take a pic and save to computer. Click reply to post,At the bottom of the post window click manage attachments, click choose file and find pic on computer, click upload. Hope that makes
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