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Salty 2

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May 16, 2014
Hi...Just a little about myself, When I was little my dad raised guppies for show. He had fans, snakeskin's,double and single swords. When my kids were little we had a tropical tank and when they lost interest we got rid of it. Since my kids are grown and gone, I started out wit a 26 gal tropical, graduated to a 59 gal Dwarf African Cichlid, and am exploring the prospect of having an 80 to 120 gal reef tank with corals and fish. I have been going round the stores in my area to get some advice and am confused as to what type of tank to purchase I was wondering if anyone has one of those nuvo tanks that supposedly you "plug in and play" as the advertising goes. What other supplies do I buy? Is is best to get the salt water mixed? I'm propably not going to do it for a while for it is quit expensive (the tank alone is $2,000). So I need some advise on how to get start and do this. Thanks, Salty 2:
Hi, welcome to the forum :)

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Hi and welcome to AA! I have not used the plug and play style tanks so I can't say much about them however someone with more experience will chime in soon.

See ya around the forum!
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