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Mar 20, 2013
Hi pplJust like to say hello to everyone ... I've been keeping fish for the last 5 year so still new to it all really, I think I have added my setup to the signature below if not ill try again lol..
I'm here to listen/read to advise from others and also if I can advise in anyway I will.. I will only comment on my own experience and not on hearsay ... Trial and error is a great teacher :) ...

Hello again :)



My set up!
240 litre juwel with aqua one external filter plus the juwel filter customised with upgraded powerhead. I run at 26 degree .. My current stock is:
5 orandas(they love the heat)
20 wcmm
5 bronze corys
4 rainbow corys
2 Brochis splendens
2 bristle nose
1 hoplo cat
3 Siamese algae eater's (small)
Plenty of plants
Good few kg's of ocean rock.

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