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Jan 20, 2014
Southwest USA
Hi all :)

I'm brand new to Aquarium Advice. Been keeping goldfish for about a year now. Thus far, 2 four inch comets in a 50 gallon tank. Working steadily on fundraising for a 200 gallon as I know that's far too small. I had a couple of snails in a separate tank, but neither of those survived sadly, in spite of my best efforts. :( Still really hoping to get another rabbit snail one day soon, after I've learned more about their care.

The comets are doing great though. Growing beautifully, never any problems with them. I'm very careful with water parameters and regular PWCs. My goal is to have the 200 gallon tank for them within 6 months. In the next three months, I expect to have a 100 gallon for them, at the very least.

I have a lot of friends with bettas and have learned from them about their care, though I've never had one of my own. All in all, I just want to learn more about fishkeeping and be able to help others as so many people have helped me. :)
Hi, welcome to the forum :)

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Thanks, Shellyx. :) I've never seen a giant African shrimp before and would love to learn more about them. Someday I'd love a shrimp tank. They're such beautiful, funny little creatures.
I never thought I'd enjoy keeping shrimp but I find them entertaining Lol especially when they squabble between each other at feeding time!
I hope you enjoy the forum great people here :)

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Thanks jlk! It's nice to see some familiar people on here :) I still have yet to find Josie though.
Thanks JLK. :) Kirrie, if you click on the community tab, you'll see a Members link you can click. You can search for Josie there. She's here, we've been PMing steadily, only it's not quite time for her to arrive online yet as it's still the middle of the night in the UK. :)
Haha ok thanks! The template, for lack of a better word, on this forum is the same as the first forum I joined when I got into the hobby. It had the User CP and everything set up the same, there are just some added features here that I have to figure out.
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