New tomato clown.. very territorial, HELP

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Jul 24, 2011
Columbus, Ohio
So i have a 30 gallon aquarium with a fuzzy dwarf lion and live rock with some fake coral. Yesterday i brought a full grown tomato clown home to the aquarium. I haven't witnessed first hand but when i saw my aquarium today a piece of coral had been knocked over and the water was blurry with sand and the lion has been hiding behind a plant in the corner when he usually come up to the glass to be fed. So is this just the clown getting used to the aquarium or will he do this forever until the lion finally gives up?
Probably going to stay that way...she may even end up bulling your lion to death...contrary to what people think,lions are not aggressive ..They are predators but thats it...A full grown female clown of any species can be downright mean...they are damsels after all
Yeah, if your lion is well fed, it won't go after any other fish. And yeah, clowns are damsels and we all now how they are lol
Tomato clown anemone fish are know to be one of the most aggressive clowns. To get one to calm down I would isolate her and attempt to get her calm by feeding it small portions at a time so that she is dependant on being calm for her next feed.
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