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Feb 11, 2009
Hello all,

Been reading the forums for a little while now. I have always been interested in purchasing an aquarium, and am getting ready to do so. Since many of you hear are a huge resource of knowledge, I was hoping to get some guidance and suggestions before I make a purchase. Its always nice to get the information I need before I buy something on impulse for 100$'s of dollars, and realize I made a mistake.

So after doing a bit of research, I think I'm leaning toward purchasing the JBJ 28g Nano Cube. The reason for me being a couple different reasons.

I originally was going to put together a fresh water tank, but decided I would much rather prefer a salt water tank. I enjoy the look and life of a salt water tank MUCH MUCH more personally, over the fresh water tank. The coral, and vibrant fish are huge factors.

While I would LOVE and have a huge urge to purchase a much larger tank, I figure its best to get my feet wet with a smaller tank, and try to maintain it on a smaller scale, rather than getting a much larger tank to learn and get experience on, and possibly killing many of the fish, and or the coral etc. - and from what I have seen it seems like the 28g Nano Cube will fit these needs.

Another reason being, the nice thing about the JBJ Nano Cube, is that its basically plug and play for me. Again, since I'm learning what equipment is needed to maintain the tank and its environment, the Nano Cube comes with many if not all of these components already built in, which would save me much time, with alot less clutter, and I could learn the in's and out's of the process's with less of a curve at the start.

I know I did not ask many questions in this thread starter, but your feedback, experiences, and guidance on my decision will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone in advance!!
A 28G is a decent starting point, keep in mind, the smaller the tank the quicker bad things can happen if you don't stay on top of your PWCs. Personally, I understand your idea of plug and play, but I like to have the option to find better deals piece by piece and mot be stuck having to pay the higher prices for proprietary equipment. JBJ is a great brand and you should do fine with it.
A few pieces of equipment you will need:
refractometer (much more accurate than a hydrometer)
API makes a decent starter test kit (saltwater master's kit).
Don't use the test strips.
Take it slow!
Check out our articles. I prefer the more humane way of a fishless cycle.
Our advice is free, your LFS generally is in it to make money....
Did I already say take it slow?
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