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Feb 22, 2014
Manchester uk
Morning!! Newbie to the website but I have been taking the advice from some if you before I actually joined.

Only ever had gold fish when I was young but we have now branched out into the amazing world of tropic fish. Originally only had a small tank to start with fluval which I have recently sold on and upgraded to a 70 litre jewel rekord which for me is great. I love it.

We don't have many fish at the moment but be are gradually adding to the tank. I have a problem with tail nipping on my guppies but I'm not sure what I can really do to stop them. Apart from that everything is going well so far. ImageUploadedByAquarium Advice1393226461.717047.jpg the picture I've attached looks like I don't have fish in it!!
I love your tank deco!

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