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Oct 22, 2002
Looking for suggestions for next step. My 1st SW tank. 12 x 24h 36L. 4" Sand bed. 40 lb live sand. Started with RO water & instant ocean. Aqua clear 300. 2 Powerheads. Added 2 pieces base rock & 2 live rock from a friends tank. Some grape algae and 2 damsels. Some green polyps on rocks. All running smoothly for about 4 weeks. Starting to see some green algae growing on sand and glass. 1 24" 50/50 flor lite. Question is what next and how soon? I want a very colorful tank with a few fish. Should I save up for better lites. What suggestions for 24" tank depth. Or should I start adding more live rock? Budget kind of limited right now but Santa is coming. Any other ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks 8)
If you want to go reef with some softies and maybe a few LPS, I would look into a 2X96W PC set up, for lights. As for your next step, I would add a clean up crew. Look inot snails...

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