night light

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They should be fine. Most fish shouldn't be kept in total darkness and in nature the moonlight does provide enough penetration for fish to recognize predators.
But like when ya put a flash light on the tank and the worms and the night crew scatters to hiding spots will this keep them away just courius , i wish i could get the blue one, but i have white
Use a flashlight with a red lens, they won't be spooked.
The blue lights won't keep them away as long as they aren't overbearing. Most lunar lights shouldn't be a problem if used sparingly.
I dont use any nite time lighting. I do however have my computer about 6 ft away so I guess they get a little light from that.
well i am using the light i mentioned before its working great puts a nice shimmering moonlgiht effect onto the tank plus i think my sebae is healthier since i started using it i wouldnt see how its getting much light from that but this tank never seems to stop amazing me lol
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