nova extreme pro HO t5 vs Nova extreme t5

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Feb 24, 2005
i currently have a nova extreme t5 4x 54w 2x 10k 2x actinic i have a chance to get a brand new nova extreme pro 6x 54w at a greatly discounted price is it worth the upgrade? is that too much light for a 55G eventual reef? need some suggestions

Ps i tried to edit the title the light fixture i have now is HO T5 also
I had the Nova Extreme Pro over my 55G. It was an awesome light. You would be able to keep anything with that light, and it's certainly not too much light. If you can get it at a discounted price, I say jump on the chance.
Perfect light! I'm going to get the exact same light for my 55g reef. Any chance on sharing the hookup? :)
how old is your old nova extreme? if you have an older model, they don't have individual reflectors and the upgrade will be amazing.
the newer ones do come with individual reflectors and put out a lot more light. if the case is the latter, then you are picking up 2 more lamps and that's the difference.
with either fixture, you should change out the bulbs. current's stock bulbs are not so good. check out ATI and giesemann lamps. they have much better PAR numbers and make the tank look better.
on the one i have now they dont each have their own reflectors and a friend of mine owns a fish store here and hes getting me a huge discount on one
yes, you'll be amazed by the difference, even with the stock lamps. change out the stock lamps for the correct lineup of ATI's and your tank will look like the movie "avatar"!
i've been lookign at my local fish stores and can't find any ATI or giesemann bulbs all they have are
aquatic life
blue life
current usa
true lumen

are any of these brands even close to the quality of the ones you've mentioned?
i have a guy that will drop ship to you. i'll pm you his contact info. you can trust him. i hope that he can mail to canada. i'll let you know asap.
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