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Sep 28, 2004
Anyone use Odyssea CF lights? They are tons less expensive than Current and Coralife. Anyone use them? Are you satisfied? Any problems? Worth the low cost, or would you have gone with the more expensive brands?
from what i've read in other threads jebo/odyssea lights are somewhat hit or miss, some love them have no problems others report them as on par with other jebo/odyssea product quality (ie. poor or not as effective as the "big brands")
I used them for about 6 months and then upgraded to MH lighting on my tank. I had no problems with them and they provided enough light on my tank to allow LPS corals to do well. I got the SPS bug and went to the MH lighting.
My Odyssea lasted almost a year before 1 of 3 MH ballast failed. The CF are still working fine. If I had to pay someone to repair it the cost would still be less than what a big name brand would be. No warranty. It cost me $50 in parts and 1 hour labor to troubleshoot and repair it myself. This one of those times when you get what you pay for. All in all I'm not too disappointed and would buy one again.
Thanks for all the input. I'll keep it in mind in the not so distant future when I decide to upgrade to a bigger tank. :)
I've read that Odyssea lights do not take standard bulbs and you can only buy their brand. Is this true? I have a hard time seeing that being the case
I have those lights in the 12 inch PC . I used them and liked them . I have used coralife bulbs with mine no issues .... They are not the best of the best but they worked fine for me ... The MH ones have issues of malfunctioning ballests that may catch fire ...This has happened to several folks on diffrent sites . I have no first hand experince with the MH lights tho

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