oh no, skimmer failure!!!

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Apr 26, 2009
My SeaClone protein skimmer is drip leaking from a coupling (after a whole 4 months of hard use), I've tried cleaning and so on...anyways, I ordered a Reef Octo. today.
My tank is a 90g fowler lightly stocked w/ a clown, 2 shrimp and a crab.

How long could I go w/ out a skimmer if I turn it off?
I have a really small HOB filter not in use. I also have a QT tank currently w/ a hippo in it.
any suggestions?
SeaClones don't have a good record..

I doubt that it'll go crazy for a few days without it.
I would suggest trying to keep it up.. and while its doing minimal collecting, i would say do alot of water changes until you get the new skimmer and set it up.
Haha.. put it to good use. Hope that wasnt the PH that killed mr. humu humu ??

Also, your bioload shouldnt be too much since its a 90G tank and you have so little inhabitants. I think you should be fine with frequent water changes until you get the next skimmer.
Wow.. so SeaClone not only killed itself.. but when you tried to put it back to work.. it killed your fish. Darn those SeaClones!
Lol.. its just a matter of time before they start taking over the SW industry. Then we're all screwed.
Yeah that's a good idea with the cup, or tape, or put a bucket under it or something so you can leave it and not worry about the cup spilling over or anything. Just until you get the new skimmer, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle.
If a fitting is leaking, could you just put some teflon tape or something on it?
I thought about that. Would tape work with a twist lock coupling?
It's a pretty slow drip. I don't wanna have to handle that stupid thing anymore then I have too.
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