Oldest fish you have?

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Just for fun, what is the oldest fish you have, or have ever had?

Fresh or salt, I don't care.

Mine is an upside down catfish, around 9 years old. The most boring fish in the entire universe. sometimes I have to poke him outta his cave to make sure he ain't dead!

Otherwise I don't think I've had anything live past 4-5 years.

Fish only, inverts do not count on this thread, just because I said so. :p
LOL, right this minute I have a snowflake moray eel that has been around for the last 4-5 years, I've had it a couple ...but I new the people that had it before me. I inherited the fish and the tank it came in. In the past...I had a sailfin tang for 6 years before I broke down the 150 and sold everything that was in it. For FW, I've got a pair of Jaguar cichlids that I've had for about 4 years, they are still going strong and plan on having them another 4-5 years...unless I convert that tank t SW :twisted:
At the moment, my Pearl and Gold Gourami are going strong, had them since I added fish to my tank.

Mine is an upside down catfish, around 9 years old. The most boring fish in the entire universe

Tell me about it. If you can catch them at night going about their business, it makes great viewing though !
Well ours WAS a believe it or not a 7 cent feeder goldfish that we had bought for our son when he was about 3, the fish kept getting bigger and bigger and ended up in a 29 gallon and even that was too small for it until it died after living close to 5 years and my husband said when he disposed of it, it was the width of a ziploc bag, it was a beautiful white goldfish who my son called Pearl couldn't believe how long it lived. So 5 years I guess.
Bump this up, keep 'em coming folks!

Pond fish count too!
i had an albino cory cat for two years. sadly she and her mate (year old) died when i started messing around with co2. now my oldest fish is my puffer (six months)
I think I have had my blue damsel for about 3 years. He has seen 3 tanks since I got him too. Hardy little bugger.
I've had my zebra danios for about 3 months... but I'm still pretty new to this :D

Growing up I had three goldfish... they lived like 9 years! (But now, what I think really happened is every time one died my parents would quickly dispose of it and one would distract me while the other ran to the fish store...)
LOL well that was nice of your parents, I wish we could have done that with our son but it would have been impossible to replace that goldfish
I had one Bala Shark live 12 years, another live 10 and the third 9. The 9 year old jumped out of the tank (knocking the plastic lid up in the process) and died overnight. The 10 year old was stressed his entire life, and the 12 year old just got old. They were each about 12-14 inches.
Mine is a danio I got maybe 3 years ago. Between 2.5 and 3 years. He just won't die. I've even put sick fish in with him cuz I had nowhere else to put them, and I didn't want their tankmates to get sick. He's the Highlander I think.

i had an freshwater oscar for 10 yrs, got him at 1inch. it grew 1in per year. 10in when he died only because of a bad batch of feeder goldfish. store said feed live at your own risk. yellow tail damsel 6yrs in my 30 gal, the rock in reef crushed him when i was screwing around with the rock trying to get a serpent starfish out of my tank.
I have a breeder pair of Japanese Koi, they were 3 years old when I got them about 3 years ago. They are red and white and about 14 - 17" in length. They are beautiful. They spawn several times a year.
I have had my gold fish for almost 18 months now. I must consider myself specially lucky. First there were two goldfish in a 1G bowl with water change twice a week. Then they went to a 5G and then to a 10G. Later two more were added and a few months ago, they all moved to a 20G long.

I had a very favorite Danio that died yesterday. I had him for a year or so. Thought he will live longer but he endedup with Dropsy. Hope this thread continues.

I finally looked through all my old reciepts to find out exactly how long my current fish have been in there, and I found that I bought the first set of cardinals last December. So about 8 months. I guess that's pretty good for cardinals, I must be doing something right :D .
Where shall i start, i suppose the oldest fish that i have kept was my plecostamus which i was given at 2" long in 1982, he died last year at the grand old age of 21. He was 19inches long when he died.
Next was my trio of Arius seemani ( Shark cats )They were brought from my local aquarium shop in 1995 and they are now swimming in the London Aquarium, mainly because the out grew my 6x2x2 tank that i was keeping them in. The biggest one of the trio was 20inces long and the other two were close behind.
I also had a group of Albino Corydorus which were brought in 1994 and the last one of them died in january this year, which made him 9yrs old.[/b]
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