Omg What did I do!

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Sep 29, 2010
Calgary, Canada
I did a water change on my tank today and once I turned the pumps back on 40 or 50 LARGE bristle worms with a pinkish body came out of the rocks from all different areas, waved there bodys into the air and sprayed a pink string like soon as they were dont they went back into the rock faster than ever.

The worms were all dark pink with white hairs on the body. The closest I could think to describe this substance was Pepto Bismal and some of these guys were massive I mean at least 6 inches long and as thick as a pencil..

Did I unleash the Apocalypse on my tank or did I just witness a spawning period...
Thats pretty cool to see stuff like that. I think you are correct. Shouldn't hurt but you might consider doing another PWC.
yah the water went pink for a bit but its clearing up... kinda scared me because I never seen worms come out in the day like that..
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