? on how 50/50 and actinic would look.

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Lance M.

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May 1, 2004
South Carolina
I was thinking about doing 50/50 and actinic over my 20 gallon since its been almost 6 months and I need new bulbs(i have the 130 watt fixture ). How would that look? I do have corals. Right now I have 10,000k and actinic.
Check out my gallery and view my tank. That is exactly what I have for lighting. I really like the look of it. Moved to General Hardware and equipment discussion.
Hmm I dont know if I'd like the purplish color. While I was looking through your galleries I was thinking I could go to my lfs and buy a new 50/50 bulb put it on my tank to see how it looks then return it (I plan on ordering my replace bulbs online) but I wouldn't get my money back just store credit which is just as good but there really isnt anything for me to buy. And now after I typed that I remember that I have a 50/50 bulb since I use to have a 65 watt fixture on my 20 gallon but then bought the 130 watt one. Now I need to find that bulb and see how it looks...
I love the color but I guess it`s grown on me after 9+ yrs. Also that is a purple and white wallpaper in the background so dont go by that. My corals really like it as they have grown 4 or 5 times over.
Woo I found the old 50/50 bulb in the garage (I thought it was in the attic..... it is SO HOT up there). I put it in place were the 10,000k was and I broke one of those high heat rubber bands.... I turned it on and you can tell the purple tint. It looks better than I thought though. You can see the purples/greens/oranges from the ricordea/star poylps/ mushrooms/ bta better than before. The bulbs are old so it's not really a good test to tell, But I'm gonna get the 50/50 and actinic replacements in a couple weeks and see how it goes for the next 6 months.
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