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Jan 1, 2004
I think I have seen this, but not sure. Im thinking of trying the online thing for purchasing like inverts and or corals. What website do most recommend? I have seen liveaquaria...but dont remember the others. Can someone tell me some others that are good? I also have seen Saltwaterfish.com...any news on them?
I want someone that is decently priced, and if something shows up dead, they will replace it.
Also what is typical shipping for stuff??
liveaquaria use to offer free shipping on orders of $125 or more. They have now increased it to $225. Problem is unless you get a really high priced coral $225 worth of fish etc is going to crush your bioload. My favorite place by far is fishsupply.com
Yeah most places I have seen are really expensive on the shipping. Thats what I asked about the Saltwaterfish.com...theirs is free shipping on orders of I think $75 or more. BUT there is a 'surcharge' of $9.99 on every order. They have awesome prices on shrimp, inverts in general, and most fish.
If you're looking for inverts you can't beat Reeftopia. Great people, excellent service, etc. I usually order from LiveAquaria. We usually tuck a coral or two in there so we easily meet the minimum, unfortunately!

You could find other locals and share the shipping, our club is in the process of doing that now.
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