Opinions on CSS 125?

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severum mama

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Dec 11, 2004
Hey all, I bet my posts for the 50 reef are going to get pretty old... LOL.

Anyway, I've been cruising my local reef club site and others, and there seems to be an overall bad opinion of the Coralife Super Skimmers. Unfortunately, I already own one (new in box, I have been working on setting up this tank for like 2 years). When I bought it I heard they were ok from my LFS boss and others, and now I'm wondering if I made a mistake. I got the 125 gallon model for my 50 gallon tank. I know that generally, you get what you pay for, but I'd like some feedback from those that have experience with this skimmer. Is it really THAT bad for the price tag? I know that there are much better brands, but will this one do the job? Thanks for reading. :)
Is it really THAT bad for the price tag?
Yes, they are not worth the $$$. You can get an Octopus for the same price and it will skim circles around the CSS. I had 1...I know.
Ah, I kinda figured it sucked compared to the Octopus (we're considering the Octopus for our 125). At least I got it really cheap... my employee discount at the time allowed me to buy equipment at cost. The Octopus unfortunately wouldn't have been an option and I'd never heard of it at the time anyway. :(
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