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Aug 16, 2004
Ok so I swapped out the stand for the tank and a bunch of other stuff today and now I'm getting ZAPPED.... it's wierd though ... only on one had... the one with my wedding ring (I'm guessing that's why)... anyway the fish and corals seem to be doing just fine.... but I need help

1. It's going to be almost impossible to figure out what it is, so can I fix it with a simple grounding rod thingy???

2. Will it hurt the fish if I can't fix this until tommorow or later ???
weird. Broken heater in the move??? Perhaps a pump seal failed or a wire is pinched.
Ok.... found the source... not as hard as I thought...... it was one of my PH's .... any ideas on a fix for it or should I just pitch it ????
FYI if anyone has this problem in the future... just use a test light.... I've got a sweet one from craftsmen that I'm sure only cost me a few bucks and it picks up the zzzap from a couple inches away from the water....

Just unplugged one by one until it stopped beeping.....
You may want to just get a new one (thatpetplace.com has good prices) and if you can fix it later, use it as a backup or for mixing salt.

true...... I don't think it's really worth the trouble.... but that test light was worth it's weight in gold...
IMO, it is too risky to try and fix it. It may void the warrenty if it has one or cause bigger problems. Take it back and see if the LFS will exchange it, otherwise, contact the company and see if they can replace it for you.
please pick up a GFCI from the hardware store for your safety. then, you can't get shocked at all.
please pick up a GFCI from the hardware store for your safety. then, you can't get shocked at all.
I was thinking about that too. Would a GFCI kick out b/c of a problem like this?
The GFCI should shut it down as soon the problem is detected.
For added safety, I use a grounding probe in my tank. Some think they are not worth it, but until I get zapped, it stays. :wink:
Grounding probe for me to. I've been shocked so many times from wet hands plugging/unplugging things you think I would have learned by now but oh well :wink:
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