Pacific Blue Tang - care level?

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Sep 17, 2004
Charlotte, NC
I am interested in adding a Blue Tang to this setup (125 FOWLR) and was curious about their care level. I have read they are fairly easy to keep but are prone to ick. Any thoughts or info from someone whose had one.

Tankmates would be Naso Tang, Coral Beauty and o. clown.

Thanks in advance.
Your tank is big enough and I do not think anything in your tank will bother it. The Naso may bully it initially. You are correct in that this fish is very prone to ick. The most important step is to QT it for 4-6 weeks prior to adding it to the main. Having a QT will also allow you to treat it in the future if you need to. They are prone to several types of infections and parasites. Pick a good, healthy fish from the store to start with and you will be ahead of the game. They also get stressed out very easily so a high level of water quality is essential. Good luck and enjoy! Lando
IMO hippo tangs get ich as any tang would, and are not less hardy than others. Mine came with ich, was treated in qt and has been fine since. Just qt as you should any fish and you will be fine. Like with your naso, he should be fed a variety of food, not just flakes.

lando, I was just looking at your gallery - great looking reef setup. How is the copperband behaving around the corals?
Thanks for the kind words. The copperband is my favorite fish. I love the pattern and shape of the fish. It does not bother any of my corals. The only thing you really have to sacrafice in a reef are feather dusters. They love those.
Agree with others, I think it would be fine in your system. Just be sure to qt. Don't want to bring anything unwanted's in there.
lando if you don't mind me asking, what salt mix are you using? Due to problems keeping my Ca up, I am looking to make a salt switch soon. Also do you dose or just replenish with water changes? Thanks
I use Coralife salt. I do not use additives on a regular basis, just rely on 15 gal. water changes every two or three weeks. I was at the LFS a few weeks ago and the SeaChem rep was there. We got to talking and I told him I did not see the need to dose any additives in my tank. He disagreed, of course, and gave me a Reef Pack to try for free (and a t-shrit!) I used it for about a month and did not see any significant difference in ALK, CA, Ph. I did, however, notice a remarkable increase in my xenia growth. It has always grown well, but when I was dosing it took off and went crazy. The stalks became very think and it really started to spread. I still do not know if it is worth the $$. If you are one that slacks on wter changes then maybe.
Thanks, I will strongly consider Coralife salt. My feeling is, if it can support a nice reef tank like that, it is plenty good for my modest tank!
lando my Blue Tang is very low maint., I'v had him now for 1 1/2 years. A few months after I got him he developed ich, someone told me to try adding a cleaner shrimp to my tank to help combat the ich problem. My tang instantly went to the shrimp for constant cleaning, within a week there was no more evidence of ich on him! They have been buds ever since...

Good luck
How much LR do you have and how big is your tank? Beautiful pics for sure in your gallery...Makes mine look like *&^&*%^!!! I have 150 lbs of LR in mine but the rock is bleached due to moving from one tank to another and under new lights. arg!
Thanks for the nice comments, I appreciate it! I have about 130-140 lbs of LR in my 72 gal. bow front. Also have 40lbs of LR rubble in my sump. What type of lights do you have now?
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