pc adding a t5 28 watt bulb

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Mar 18, 2005
hey all i have a jbj 4 x 65w pc lighting with 2 actinic and 2 10k
i was in my lfs today and saw a 48 inch strip one t5 setup for 35 bucks.

i know its only 28 watts but i am looking to change the color of my lights to a more pink purplish without breaking the bank.

unless do they have any pc lighting that will do that ? above the 10k range?

Bulb colors will be the same for PC bulbs and T5 bulbs. I don't think the K ranges are any different. You could change out one of the PC bulbs in your current fixture to accomplish the same thing unless you want to add more wattage as well.
yeah i was just wondering if they made a different pc bulb that isnt 10k or actinic. i seen some that are 12k but i dont know if it will do much.
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