Penn-Plax Cascade Canister- HELP!

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severum mama

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Dec 11, 2004
I was given a brand new Penn Plax Cascade 1000 canister filter. I set it up tonight, followed all the directions, and I thought everything was cool until I plugged it in. I double checked the instructions, and I believe I followed them correctly. I got to the part where you push the button 4 times to prime the canister, and then waited a minute and plugged it in, as per the instructions. When I plugged it in, it didn't seem to be moving any water and it was just making a churning noise. I tried again, but nothing happened. Can anyone help me? I don't know what else to do. :evil:
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Once you have it all put together, open the intake valve. Then open the output valve. You should hear water rushing into the filter. Push the prime button a few times if needed. Then just plug it in. Re-prime if necessary. Since the hoses won't have any water in them you'll probably need to push the prime button to get the suction started. But when you do filter maintenance, you shouldn't ever have to use the Prime button again unless you drain the hoses.
I opened the valves, then pushed the button to prime the filter. I did this 3 times. Both the valves were open when I primed it, as per the instructions. Am I missing something here?
Is the cannister almost filled to the top with water? This makes priming a lot quicker. After you've filled it, then use the prime button. After this procedure try plugging in the unit.
I have no idea, to be honest. I thought that by pushing the Prime button like it says in the directions, that the canister would fill itself up. That's what they say, anyway, lol.

I'm going to try that right now.
It should fill itself up by pressing the Prime button. But if it's not, you could go ahead and fill it with water. Then just plug it in after opening both valves. The initial setup is the hardest in regards to priming.
Thanks guys, I got it working. I guess the trick is to not really follow the directions! :roll: I had to fill the canister with water and then prime it about 50 times to get it going. I'm definitely not looking forward to maintenance on this one!!! :lol:

But, on the positive side, it's quiet, it moves a lot of water, and it was free!
You shouldn't have to do that again. Now that I remember back, the initial setup was the trickiest getting it primed. I didn't fill it with water though, I just pushed the prime button till I heard the water rushing into the filter. It filled itself. When you do filter maintenance just close the input/ouput tubes, unplug power, unhook the tubes, and maintain the filter. Then when you hook it back up, connect the tubes, open the intake, open the output, and water will flush in. After it stops flushing in, plug it in and you're set. You may have to push the prime button a few times to get excess trapped air out but mine usually works itself out. The only time you really have to work at it is when you drain the tubes. Then you have to get water back into the tubes by using the prime. We have 4 Cascades (2- 1,000, 1200, and a 1500) and we love them. The onyl drawback is replacements parts have to be ordered from Penn Plax so keep the order form that came with the canister.
Thanks for the tip Fishy. I'll stick that order form somewhere safe.

I can't wait until this new filter gets seeded so I can start unplugging the 2 Emperors that are also running on this tank. They are so loud, I don't know how I've been putting up with them in my bedroom for so long!
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