Pentair Aquatics Quiet One Aquarium Pump 1200 - 296 gph

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Apr 1, 2006
Evanston, Illinois
While we're on tubing diameter....

I need to get flexible clear tubing to fit this pump. ( ) 1/2" ID tubing fits inside the the outflow tube, but one really wants it on the outside, doesn't one? I emailed the company, but no reply. I can't find a LFS that has both the pump and the tubing to check physically.

Does anyone know what size tubing this takes, and/or where to get it fairly cheep? I need about 30 feet. I can get 50 feet for $38.99 at Drs F&S ( ). But that's 3/4" ID, and I don't know if it's the right diameter. :roll:
I have the 1200...3/4" ID fits the supplied fitting

I got the tubeing at Home Depot (25" for 15.00)....When I lived down that way, I would get stuff like this from Ace
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