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Oct 30, 2019
I have a 100 gallon freshwater aquarium that I had custom made when we lived in Asia. It uses a three chamber sump that sits below the main tank. It worked great, and I was excited to get it going in the U.S.

Because it was built overseas, I have had to replace the water pump with one that runs on 110V. The equivalent throughput on the original 220V Chinese water pump was ~650 gallons per hour, which I replaced with a 110V 590 gph pump. I am now on my THIRD water pump, and still have the following issues:

1) The pumps I have tried are all unbelievably noisy! My original pump was a cheap one for sure, but the ones I have tried are all very loud, to the point that it is annoying everyone!

2) Possibly related, the pumps I have tried are all much bigger than the old one that had greater throughput. While they have always been completely submerged, there is little margin for error when some water evaporates.

Can anyone recommend a quiet, compact pump in the 600 gph range? Thank you!
I have not tried mag pumps ... will look into those. Thanks!
THANK YOU!!!! Just put in the mag pump and it is 1000x quieter.
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