Petsmart, Williamsport Pennsylvania

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Jan 3, 2016
Montgomery, PA
I have to go on a little rant here for the good of this particular company.

I will preface this message with the common misconception that the LFS are generally blind to proper ways, and usually worry about bottom line margins... Not Petsmart in Williamsport.

I went there because it said they had loaches that I wanted in stock.. turns out they didn't have enough for me but that's not the point.

They had 3 girls working the fish area, which wasn't big but it was still big enough. I watch a middle age man come in with a water sample and the lead girl sampled his water and determined his water was high in PH.. rather than sell him products and or chemicals, she suggested safer alternatives such as driftwood specifically to lower it naturally (long story short) he ended up leaving very happy with some understanding.

Second story while I was there was an older man and his wife being loud and ignorant saying he used to live in a tropical area and it got cold there so the fish adapted then and they should adapt now so leaving the tank at 60 woul be perfectly fine WITHOUT a heater (tropical fish)

it ended when the lead girl in the fish department asked if he was going to use a heater to warm the tank, and when the gentleman said no, they refused his sale of fish!

I was so shocked and happy at the same time. The old man told his wife "lets go to [edit chain store]!" and I looked at the girls and said thank you, you've done a great thing today.

They helped me with some snails I wanted and we talked a little bit about random things, and man.... I tell you what.. I thought I had a great guy at petco, I may have some great girls at petsmart now!

sorry just had to vent!
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What a refreshing story. Did not expect the outcome when I started reading this. So many times we hear about exactly the opposite from the big box stores. Obviously someone is spot on with hiring and training. Thank you for sharing!

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Nice to hear good things about chain stores! I like the people at my [edit local big box store] but the quality of fish is why I don't shop there. Better quality and I would definitely be shopping there because of how close it is compared to the lfs

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Oh It is really great to hear some positive about these chains! I never had a good experience at ANY [edit chain store] in my area- New Castle PA and Boardman OH, they are both AWFUL! From being treated like a moron, ignored, Screamed at (no Joke) and cheated.

I love Mom and Pop stores for this reason lol and one chain store in my area. I don't know if its the cities they are in cause New Castle is notorious for rude workers...

I am glad that not all [edit chain store] in existence aren't like the ones I know!! :D
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