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Apr 10, 2009
My 40 gal. long sump/refuge is up and running. Skimmer has a lot of bubbling happening. Now, I want to apply the phosban reactors (2) that I got. My tank is 125 gal. FOWLR right now. Is it necessary to install 2 phosban reactors? My main question is do I put the pump for the reactor in the skimmer portion of the sump or return area of sump or refugium?:rolleyes:
I would think 1 reactor would be sufficient, you may just want to run more media in the reactor.

As for the pump, it doesn't really matter. You will want to make the return from the reactor go somewhere before the baffles in the sump, so any aeration it causes will get blocked from the return pump going up to you DT.
Thanks for your input! I am having difficulty sharing my photos on this site. Once I am able to, I will display My Tank.
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